My TV Appearance to Promote my Cookbook

Sue Lillemo on Global News
On Nov 8th, 2012, I appeared on Global Lethbridge’s ‘Scene and Heard’ show, to promote my cookbook, ‘HCG Recipes Book’. It was fun, and my husband says I did a good job. 🙂


  1. Paulette Mckoy

    I went off the diet and did not stay on 2 days after i stop takine the drops for it to come out of my system. Will it do me any arm or will it affect my weight lost when I started back

    • Hi Paulette, certainly not staying on the diet until your body is clear of the drops makes it harder to stabilize your weight. In fact, weight loss
      can still continue while coming off the drops if you stay on the diet. But what is done is done, now do your best to stick to the phase 3 outline – no sugar & no starch – following a low glycemic diet is a great way to go – you can contact us by email if you would like us to send you a free article on the glycemic index and glycemic load – in fact, it is a great way to go as a life-style way of eating.
      The maintenance phase is just as important as phase 2 – this is where you teach your body to stay at your new weight – keeping this in check is critical to maintaining your weight loss. And, I congratulate now on your success 😉
      Not staying on the diet while coming off the drops will in no way affect weight loss when you go on the program again. Thank you for your question – have a great day.

  2. Helen Cardinal

    Could you please send me a copy of your article on the Glycemic index and Glycemic load?
    Also, I would like a copy of the HCG Metamorphosis Progress chart if at all possible.

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