We still offer our original and effective formula.  No amino knock offs here. We are Canadian – prices are Canadian – your order is shipped from Canada – no delays – no border worries. This site is for your information – please contact us to inquire about ordering. Customer support and coaching is important to us – we are here for you! Your calls & emails are answered the same day. We often have specials – this 2016 fall, we offer buy 3 and get 1 full sized bottle 2 oz. FREE! Your order will arrive quickly – shipments go out daily on weekdays.


  1. Do you still sell the real HCG diet drops? I am from the U.S.A. we can not get them here. If you do not sell them do you know of anyone in Canada that does. Thanks for your help. Sharen

    • We sell the original hcg homeopathic drops that have proven effective over the past decade plus – no amino knock off’s here. You do take your chances as to if the order will cross the border – most times it does, but you never know. As USA & Canadian banks do not email money transfer together, and we don’t accept credit cards, wiring money would be required. Or, mail a check – that will take a little more time though.
      Feel free to email us should you want to further discuss this. Thank you for contacting us 🙂

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